11. Mida : I thought you …

I shifted my body, to let the princess sit next to me.

"Take a look at this, Mida!  Again there is a group of students who again ngadain bazar around here. But we can buy online, loh. Take a look at the books they sell!" said my girl while showing her phone to Mida who was not initially interested, but changed her interest when she heard the word 'Book' and immediately pulled Keyza's phone for her to observe further. My girl seemed happy because she managed to attract the attention of her interlocutor.

"Eh yes really good there is a fable story ... let's buy ayoo," said Mida while holding my girl's hand, I'm a little unwilling someone else to touch my girl's hand, even though I'm the one who just dated her very rarely touch her hand.  I pulled my girl's hand out of her grasp.

"Let's go home!" I asked Keyza as he pulled out my backpack. Jealous because her attention is no longer centered on me. "Uh, wait a minute." He stopped my move. "You mas ...

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