Forced Marriage To The Secret Billionaire
Forced Marriage To The Secret Billionaire
Author: ~S.Y

Chapter 01


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Tears streamed down her face, as she drove her car rashly, remembering about what happened at her Grandmother's birthday party tonight.

Getting humiliated was nothing new for her, but this time, the embarassment she had faced, pushed her off the edge. She was about to retaliate but the only thing holding her back, was the thought of being the successor of Lexington's Group one day.

This was the ultimate goal of her life from forever and she would stop at nothing to inherit Lexington Group of Companies.

Angrily, she parked the car in the parking lot of the club, she usually went at and wiped her tears away, before fixing her make up, by looking in the rear view mirror.

Heaving a heavy breath, she tried to calm herself down. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't accept how her Grandmother Eloise grabbed her arm and threw her out of the party, after she tried to tell her, that her cousin Maria was lying about acquiring the shares in Black Inc.

Shaking her head, she opened her car's door and stepped out, revealing her perfectly featured face with her green eyes squinted, a perfect straight nose standing arrogantly, heart shaped lips adorned with dark red lipstick and her broad forehead frowning.

She looked like a hot mess with the light make-up on. She was wearing a red short dress and was ready to just drown all her worries tonight. She needed to attend the meeting with the Board members tomorrow anyway.

Walking towards the Club, she raised her head up and casted the same cold and emotionless facade on her face. The guards pushed the doors open when they saw her. She was well known in the city, as she was the youngest Grand-daughter of The Lexington's.

The loud music was blaring in the club and the voice hit her ears just as she stepped inside. This was the only place where she could forget, who she was and find the pleasures of life, but she had never dared to cross the line, as it might land her in serious trouble.

She needed a clear reputation to hold a strong position in front of her Grandparents, who would finally decide on who they wanted to hand over the company; The Legacy.

She stepped down from the stairs and headed straight to the bar, ignoring the hungry looks many were throwing her way. It was nothing new to her. She knew, she was exceptionally beautiful and she was confident in herself.

No man could ever turn her down, she was sure of it.

Dropping her bag on the bar counter, she sat down with a thump on the bar stool and the bartender, Jack, rushed towards her, to get her order. Before he could ask her anything, she waved her hand in the air and Jack understood that she wanted her usual to be served.

He bought the tequila shots and placed them in front of her, as she started drowning herself in alcohol once again. 

She just needed to forget about what happened tonight before tomorrow, or she might end up lashing out at the wrong place.

Her mind was dizzy at this point and she placed her hot forehead on the bar counter to feel some sort or relief in this situation.

“ Seems like you need relief in life. ” A masculine husky voice purred just beside her ear, that sent shiver down her spine.

She raised her head up with her eyes hooded and looked at the man sitting beside her. Gosh! Her eyes went wide seeing him. He was so sexy and hot.

Her eyes slowly travelled from his light brown hairs to his light brown deep eyes. Then she looked down and noticed his straight nose and his plump lips. She licked her lips up and harshly detached her eyes from his figure.

The man leaned towards her until he was just beside her ear. His actions were making her feel uncomfortable in her spot. His breath hit her earlobe and she shut her eyes closed.

“ Let me help you. ” He whispered and grabbed her hand, before pulling her closer to him.

She was, in all honesty, too drunk, to resist his temptation.

She really needed some kind of relief in her life. He was right about it.

Slowly, the man started to drag her to the dance floor, where alot of people were dancing already. Lost in their own world without caring about what was happening in reality.

They were too lost.

Lost in the guilty pleasure.

“ What's your name? ” He pulled her closer, making her breath hitch.

“ Sara! ” She whispered staring up in his deep eyes.

She did not know what she was doing, but she wanted to be just Sara for once. Not Sara Lexington. Just Sara.

“ I would still like to call you baby. ” He chuckled out and his chest vibrated deeply.

Suddenly his eyes turned darker and he abruptly turned her around, as a slow and deep music started to play in the background and lights dimmed down. She wondered how people could even dance to such sensual music.

His hand slowly roamed around her waist, raising goosebumps all over her skin. Her back was pressing against his chest and his one hand was pushing her wavy hairs away from her shoulder.

He started to move his body smoothly, rolling from top to bottom, guiding her to do the same and move with this rythm.

She started to copy his movement with his hand stopping at her waist and pulling her closer.

Her head rolled back into his strong chest, as she moved against him, bodies brushing against bodies and movements matching movements.

He leaned down kissing her exposed neck softly with his hands moving down to hold her waist. They started to feel the music coursing through their veins.

They were teasing each other too much. At this point, they both were in agony.

“ Let's go! ” The man behind her let out a gruff demand and started dragging her to somewhere else.

She wondered where he was taking her, but she did not care.

Her body craved his, even if she didn't even knew his name.

It was pure lust driving both of them.

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