Chapter 04


Everything happened so fast that Sara felt her head spinning. Silas and Sara were now in the reception party, which looked more like a funeral of herself to her.

The smiling and taunting faces of all her family during clicking the pictures, were going to haunt her forever.

Silas was standing beside her with his expressions screaming his boredom. The photographer asked them both to come closer, so he could click some loving pictures, which was like someone rubbed salt on Sara's wounds.

“ Come on, Dear wife! ” Silas's mocking voice fell in Sara's ears and she threw him a vicious glare, before storming off from there. She did not care what anyone was going to think, she just wanted to be away from him at this point.

Dodging every provocation from her so-called family, Sara finally made it to the dinner without having any panic attacks or outbursts.

As they all sat down on the long table, the grim silence reigned on it for a moment, suffocating Sara. She glanced at Silas who was looking at all the dishes excitedly. Rolling her eyes, Sara grabbed her glass of water and took a sip.

“ So what do you do, Silas? ” It was Uncle John who as usual wanted to cause a fuss and get entertained over it.

“ Nothing. ” A simple reply from Silas, that was going to cause a series of taunts. Sara flinched when she noticed the evil grin, that made its way up Uncle John's face.

“ Then you are useless? ” It was Maria - the bitch cousin this time, who wanted a share in the free entertainment.

Silas stared at her for a moment, as Sara's hand shot out to grab his coat from under the table. Sara and Silas's eyes met for a second. He could understand the message in her eyes clearly. She was asking him to not cause a scene here and embarass her further.

“ Ofcourse. He is useless and poor. That's what we were lacking in our family. A peasant again! First that Serene and now this Silas! ” Grandmother Eloise sneered from across the table and Sara gulped turning to look at her.

Her expressions screamed disgust, which made Sara sick to her stomach. She could not bear her mother's name taken like this for the nth time. This was the only thing she never got used to. She did not even want to know what that asshole Silas was feeling like either. She offered him to back out, but he did not and this dinner was his personal WELCOME PARTY TO HELL.

“ I will be a good peasant to you, Sweet Grandmother. ” Silas's playful voice sent Sara into shock. Her jaw begged to be hanged low, as she turned to look at him, horrified.

“ You! Boy, you are too out of line. Sara! Teach your husband some manners. ” Raising her trembling finger, Grandmother Eloise fumed.

“ ENOUGH! ” This was the cue for Grandfather Magnus's inteference and he never failed to deliver his order in a loud voice.

Sara glared at the side of Silas's face hatefully. Why could not he just kept his mouth shut? She noticed how he did not look embarassed at all, rather he blinked in Grandfather Magnus's direction innocently.

“ I hate to admit it but you are a part of this family now, Silas. You must act in accordance or grave consequences will await you. ” In a cold and powerful voice, Grandfather Magnus made the rules clear to Silas, who nodded his head in understanding “ Yes, Grandfather. As you say. ”

Saying this, Silas started eating, more like devouring the food, which made Sara feel embarassed again. She almost hit her head against the wall, but instead decided to force the food down her throat to not start cursing at him.

As she took a spoon of soup to her mouth, her eyes met Rowan's black orbs staring at her intently.

Frowning, Sara almost choked out on her food. Why was he looking at her like this? Shaking his head, Rowan went back to eating still glancing at Sara from time to time. Sara could not understand the reason behind his meaningful glances, but she felt uncomfortable to say the least.

With Rowan, Sara had a weird history. He was not blood related to her and he came to their house when he was already a teenager - a silent and mysterious teenager to be exact, but whenever she have had an encounter with him, she had always felt her skin crawling.

There was something about Rowan, that was fishy, but even if he was weird, he had never looked at her like this before. Like he was furious and disgusted at the same time.

Pushing the thought to the corner of her mind, Sara continued eating when Grandfather Magnus's voice boomed again “ I have bought a house for Silas and Sara. They will live there from now on and they are never to visit Lexington Villa without a notice or an invitation. ”

Sara's blood froze in her veins and the spoon fell down from her hand. Her eyes slowly moved towards Grandfather Magnus's ruthless face, after tracing everyone's faces.

“ Also, Sara will not be a director of Lexington Corporation anymore. She doesn't need to come to the office now. ” Another judgement, that made Sara's soul tremble.

“ Grandfather! You can't do this to me. ” Hysterically, Sara pushed the chair back and shrieked out.

“ SARA! HOW DARE YOU TALK TO HIM LIKE THIS?! ” Aunt Leigh made use of the situation like she always did and everyone agreed with her words by nodding their heads and throwing glares in Sara's way.

Grandfather Magnus raised his hand and all voices died down “ If you cared so much about business and family, you shouldn't have ruined our reputation like this. ” He knew how to break her heart further.

Deliriously, Sara ran across the table and approaced Grandfather Magnus, as tears started to stream down her pefectly painted face. Everyone's shocked eyes followed her movement. There was only Silas who was watching all of that with a frown, that screamed his disagreement with this family's damned ways.

Coming near him, Sara dropped down to her knees without any hesitation and bowed her head down, sniffling. She could let go of Lexington's Villa, but not Lexington Corporation. She had to inherit that company at any cost. She would pay any price and give any sacrifice, but she would never give up.

Feeling humiliated, Sara slid closer to Grandfather Magnus's leg and grabbed his feet with both hands. Tears fell down on his perfectly polished black shoe, but she did not care “ Please forgive me, Grandfather! ” Gulping down the lump in her throat, Sara barely forced the words out of her mouth.

“ You shouldn't have whored around if you were going to regret it later. ” The poisonous words of Grandmother Eloise burnt her heart to the core, but she did not back down.

Raising her head, Sara stared at Grandfather Magnus, silently pleading him to give her another chance. “ P-Please, Grandfather. Please give me another chance. ” Feeling her heart tearing apart, Sara begged him after stripping herself off any dignity she was left with.

“ Silas! Take your wife away. ” Staring at Sara for a brief moment, Grandfather Magnus commaded Silas, who appeared behind her, faster than anything in this world.

When his strong hands touched Sara's shoulder, she jolted up and sneaked herself closer to Grandfather Magnus “ Please. Please, Grandfather. I swear - I swear I will never disappoint you again. ” She grabbed Grandfather Magnus's cold hand, that he pulled away with a jerk feeling disgusted by her. His expressions told her how much he really despised her, but she did not care.

“ Get up. Don't embarass me further, Sara! ” Grandfather Magnus had a heart of stone, Sara was sure of it now. Tears kept falling out of her eyes and the ache in her heart intensified hundred folds.

The headache she was having made black dots appear in her sight, but she was not ready to lose courage just yet “ Ple- ” She started to plead again, when her vision blacked out completely and her body went limp.

Before her head could hit the floor hard, Silas held her up and glanced at Grandfather Magnus, who pursed his lips at her unconscious figure. A nerve in Silas's jaw ticked, but instead of saying something or doing anything, he picked her up in bridal style to carry her away from there.

“ Such a drama queen! I bet she is pretending to be unconscious to make Grandfather feel bad for her. ” When everyone was taking their fair share of entertainment how could Ryan - The fuckboy fall behind?

“ Enough! Eat your dinner! And Silas. ” Grandfather Magnus sneered and Silence fell over everyone once again.

“ Take her to the house that I got for both of you. ” Ordering Silas, Grandfather Magnus picked up the wine glass to take a sip leisurely.

Gritting his teeth, Silas nodded smoothly and started walking away with Sara's limp body in his arms.

The only person feeling bad for her was Sara's own father - Henry Lexington . But as always, he was silent as a dead person. All he ever did was hang his head low and clench his hands into fists. That's all he was truly capable of doing for her.

Carrying her in his arms, Silas glanced at her face and observed her tear stained cheeks and swollen eyes. She was not that strong like she always pretended to be. She was just putting up a show in front of people. A mask of coldness to hide her true self. Shaking his head in disappointment, he stepped out of the hall to be stopped by the driver.

“ Young Master. I will escort you to the new house. ” The driver called out to Silas and opened the door of the backseat for him.

Silas gave the driver a once over look. He noticed how he was giving Silas a look of irritation and distaste. He could recognize the disdain in his voice too, but he still kept his mouth shut. He had to pay a price to stay a part of this family anyway.

Nothing came without a prize in this world.

Marching to the car, he sat down Sara in it before sitting beside her and putting her head on his shoulder. The driver started the engine after sitting down on the driver seat.

Driving off to a new and unknown destination, Silas glanced at Sara's face again.

This journey was going to be a tough and unusual one.

With this thought, he averted his eyes away to focus on the greenery passing by them.


When she blinked her eyes open, she noticed the darkness around her. It was like she was drowning in an endless pit to die slowly and painfully.

Hysterically, she sat up and looked around herself. A silhoutte could be seen sitting in the distance. Squinting her eyes, Sara tried to make out the outline and sighed out. It was definitely Silas with the broad figure of his.

“ Are you not afraid? ” Silas asked from the distance and Sara set her lips in a thin line.

“ Was I supposed to be scared? ” She shot back and groaned out feeling her head still hurting.

“ Turn on the lights. ” Sara shrieked and the lights were turned on the next moment. The brightness hurted her eyes and she closed them before blinking them open after a while.

As she looked at the side, a gasp left her lips. Silas was standing just beside the bed, wearing a simple white T-shirt with black pants. His tattoos were peeking through the sleeves and the neckline of the shirt which made Sara gulp down her saliva.

“ Like what you see? ” His mocking voice fell in Sara's ears and she shook her head. Narrowing her eyes, she smirked and looked him up and down again. “ There is nothing special to see! ”

' Sara will not be a director of Lexington Corporation anymore. She doesn't need to come to the office now ' Grandfather's words suddenly resonated in her mind and her eyes went wide.

Pushing herself off the bed, she hysterically ran to the door but Silas grabbed her wrist and pulled her back. Sara's body collided with his and she glanced up at him.

“ Leave me. ” Hissing, Sara pulled her wrist back from his hold, before taking a step back.

Raising his arms up in surrender, Silas smiled and Sara threw him a suspiscious look “ I know you want to rush to your Grandfather but it's 2 in the middle of the night. Going to him at this time, is not a wise decision. ”

Sara gulped down her saliva as tears threatened to fall once again. She could not give up on her goal after enduring all the shit for her whole life.

“ It's all your fault! Don't even dare think of yourself as my husband! ” Sara raised her trembling finger and pointed at Silas, who pulled his arms down with a killer smile still plastered over his lips.

A gasp left Sara's lips when the smile on his face fell and he grabbed her wrists to pull her closer again. His hands rested on her waist and his eyes held hers captive, when their bodies came near.

“ But... ” Whispering in a soft voice, Silas leaned down to be parallel to her ear.

“ I am your husband. ” Husking sensually, Silas placed his hot lips on her cold neck.

The blurry memories from that night starting pouring back in her mind and her eyes went wide.


He pulled her to a room on the top floor of the club. She didn't even know that rooms like this existed here. She didn't care at this moment either.

She was ready for whatever the man standing close to her had in store for this night.

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