Chapter 06


Sara's breath hitched as she pushed him away from herself harshly. 

“ Why are you looking at me like this? ” Silas chuckled out and Sara gulped down her saliva before stumbling back from him. 

It would have been better if she never remembered that night.

Because, now, It might be too hard to stay so close to him without losing her sanity.

“ Stay far away from me. As far as you can. I don't care what you are and who you are at all. ” Sara shook her head, her voice not that harsh anymore.

Silas watched her. Silently. He observed her cheeks that were turning red, her nose that took the same color. He stared in her eyes that were cast down as she slowly licked her lips.

If he did not know better, he would have thought that she wanted him. Or maybe he did not know her at all. A smirk tugged up at the corner of his lips thinking about the poss
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Lola Rondon
Lover??? He just took her virginity a week ago !
goodnovel comment avatar
Ramya Srinivasan
interesting characters
goodnovel comment avatar
Yah Yee
cool humgry power

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