Chapter 9 Shayla

God? What the hell did I do in my past life for you to be punishing me like this?

As I stand there looking at Coles father, utterly humiliated—might I add, he’s just staring back at me confused. “Your wife?” He repeats, averting his gaze to his son. “I don’t understand.”

I open my mouth to speak but Cole pipes in, “We’re married, what’s not to understand.” I look up at him, and he pulls me closer against him, and I have the sudden urge to punch the kid in his throat.

“I should give you both some privacy,” I say and turn to leave the room.

“Stay right there, young lady!” He shouts, and I jump startled at his sudden outburst. I nod and hang my head in silence, shrinking back beside Cole. “Tristan, I hired this girl a few days ago to be your assistant. What do you mean you’re married?” He questions, his green eyes, identical to Coles darting between us waiting for an answer. “What? Did it just slip your mind that you’re married to the CEO of the company?” He ask

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Just Me
very good , can't wait for the next chapters
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Jem Ocupe
good story
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Glorivic Yap
Shayla has hit the jackpot.. cant wait to read for more..

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