Chapter 276

“That was a great party. I’m a grown arse man, and I had a blast.” Josh chuckles, sitting back on the sofa, taking a sip from his beer. I smile and nod, looking over at my mother and Shay’s mother directing the kitchen's cleaning crew. Sam comes across with baby Trey in his arms and sits on the sofa with a tired sigh.

“It really was. Shayla did a great job with organising everything.” I tell him, and Josh nods, looking over at the baby in Sam's arms.

“How’s fatherhood treating you, bro?” Josh questions putting his beer bottle down and taking Trey from Sam.

“Tiring man, but I wouldn’t give it up for the world,” Sam admits looking over at Trey curled up on Josh’s chest. “To think I was terrified of ever having one of those, now I can’t picture my life without him.”

I smile in understanding. “Yeah, they really do change your life, especially if it's with the right woman,” I state, and both men nod in agreement.

“I feel so left out. I can’t wait to hol

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Helen Grace Hanopol
no matter how long, crime does pay. no one can escape from this. suicide didn’t do justice actually for all the pains inflicted by Sophie to Shayla, physically , mentally & emotionally. nevertheless, she paid all with her life and surely her life in hell.

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