Epilogue 2

Twenty minutes later, the house smelt sensational with home-cooked goodness. Cole strolls into the kitchen while his wife cooks pancakes. He wraps his arms around her from behind and kisses her pulse. “As good as this food smells, I can’t wait to eat you later,” Cole growls in her ear hungrily, making her grin.

“Shh, baby, the kids are going to hear you,” Shayla whispers back, looking up at him, and he matches her grin leaning close.

“They’re not even in here.” Cole chuckles, kissing her softly. Shayla wraps her arms around her husband’s neck and parts her lips when his tongue silently requests permission to meet her own.

“Oh, barf. Mum and Dad are making out again.” RJ grumbles, walking into the kitchen, followed by Alaia, who grimaces as they take their seats at the dining table. Shayla and Cole laugh as they pull apart.

“Now you know how we feel watching you slobber all over your little ‘friends’ you keep bringing over.” Alaia retorts, making air q

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Ley Dela Cruz Jacob
I absolutely loved this story.
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Wonderful story ...
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Dulce Harris
One of The best story I’ve read. I’ve read this sooo many times and still enjoyed it every time. Author please write more beautiful stories
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