"Why would I try to contest for the councillor position?" Minerva asked, feeling tensed. Kairo stood up, and walked aimlessly through the room, with his back turned at Minerva; who was currently filled with curiosity and minimal anger.

He swiftly turned, using the tip of his shoe to slide on the floor; paved with smooth marble.

"In 1543, General Leo of the Black Cedar Coven was elected Council, and he managed to get his hands on the Devlin Family Scroll." Kairo tapped his feet at a continuous rhythm on the floor.

"How does that correlate with me becoming councillor?" Minerva asked, even more curious, and as usual was twirling her long blonde hair with her index finger.

"Of course you know that the Devlin's Family Scroll contains deep secrets to great power. Only the councillor has access to where it is kept. Luckily;  perhaps foolishly, the council members are ignorant of this fact." Shocked, Minerva stood up from the golden brown couch she sat on, and the shock quickly morphed into a mischievous smile; her dazzling blue eyes glowing. She faced Kairo and bit her lips.

"What would I do without you? What?"

Fang Valley

The room was large and chandeliers illuminated the room; elegantly dropping in professional patterns down the ceiling.

The light of the chandeliers reflected off the surface of the sparkling white walls. At the far end of the room was a humanoid statue, with demonic wings spreading out it back. A blood shaped droplets was carved to the corner of his mouth; at the side of the lips.

There was silence in the room but for the continuous tapping sound that could be traced to a magnificent crimson and cream seat, where General Drake sat, looking tensed.

He had a lot of emotions running through him at once; anger, indecision, disbelief, evil plans and the lots.

"Xeres takes me for a fool," Drake stated in disbelief.

"But he's only asking for your help," Eric, a younger vampire says.

"You see, that's what differentiates me from most," Drake said, "I trust no one, and believe nothing I'm told. What do you think Xeres wants my help for: to help him kill Zayn? Or to help him fight in the conclave? No! All he wants is to shut me up, and makes me keep low," Drake continued, and Eric's eyes widened in realization.

"You should surprise him: attend the conclave." Eric advised, and Drake replied,

"Exactly," Drake said with affirmation, "We'll thwart Xeres' plans."


Black Tridax Territory, Dragon Falls.

Tyson stretched out his hands to knock on a door, but it opens before be could do so; revealing Kruger.

He had sensed them coming from about a mile away, and had waited patiently at the door. He hugged Tyson and let them in.

"Can I park here?" Zedler shouted from inside the car, and stopped the engine as Kruger gave him an affirmative

"Yes." Kruger blinked; Zedler shutting the car's door recklessly, before walking towards the door. Kruger stared at the hunter dots on Zedler's body; judging by the number: Zedler was a good hunter, and had killed a good number of vampires.

Zedler cleared his throat, snapping Kruger back to reality, who then apologized, and let Zedler in.

"Is there a restaurant around here, I'm famished." Everyone looked at Lloyd in surprise, and he stretched out his hands.

"What? This body's gotta have something to eat," he defended himself.

"Where's Stefan?" Kruger asked. "He's in the car boot," Rayna replied.


Red Crescent Territory, Dragon Falls.

"Zayn, you have to believe me," Jaden cried, following Zayn, who was storming out of the Mansion in anger.

"No, you're just jealous because you think I might end up becoming councillor," Zayn retorted in anger, holding a letter he had found in the envelope given to him by Alfred; the both walking through the meadow behind the mansion.

"Dad was about to resign, but died before he could. There has to be something dangerous attached to the position."

Zayn stopped walking on nearing the territory's end that stood out some metres behind the mansion.

"He had been councillor for two centuries, maybe he thought it was time to let go." Zayn yelled, and crumbled the letter with him.

"Aaargh." He screamed and threw the letter far away before turning around to head back to the mansion; the crumbled letter landing in another territory.

Jaden let out a loud sigh, and follows Zayn, but they both stopped on hearing a very familiar voice: Xeres.

"I see you also got a letter for the grand council." Jaden shook in head in unbelief, with Xeres bending to pick the crumbled letter Zayn had thrown into his territory.

"Well, guess what? I also got one." Xeres smirked.

"Good to know." Zayn returned Xeres' smirk with a stern glare.

"It's a pity Stark left behind weak sons incapable of leading."

Jaden, annoyed at Xeres' statement finally spoke to. "Oh, wanna fight? Cross that boundary!" Xeres completely ignored Jaden who was pointing at the boundary line, and faced Zayn.

"I promise to, I'll win you. How it'll happen is a surprise."


The cabin was cozy and dark but for the candles with surprising blue flames, serving as faint illumination.

Cauldrons stood here and there the cabin; fumes of various colors rising from them.

Zedler and Tyler drops a coffin before Lucy, who bends down, and opens the coffin to reveal Stefan's emotionless and calm countenance.

Sarah looked at Lucy with intense observation, hoping to learn from the older witch. The older witch rotated her palms over Stefan's forehead, and remained silent for some seconds; Rayna's stare at her, enough to pierce a soul.

Sarah, sensing the anxiety coming off of the female immortal, grabbed her hands, and squeezed it.

Rayna smiled at Sarah in return, assuring her that she was okay.

"It's a time curse." Lucy blurted out, and they all looked at her with a mixed

expression of surprise and confusion.

Noticing this expression, the older witch decided to explain better to them.

"His own self from another time is here so their lives are tied. One has to sleep for the other to stay awake."

"Time travel." Lloyd scoffs.

"Can you break the curse?" Rayna asked, and Lucy replied, "yes."


Kruger, Tyler, Zedler, Lloyd, Sarah waited at Kruger's place for Stefan to do what Lucy had told him to do alone.

Lucy had successfully awoken Stefan, and it was strongly visible: Rayna's glowing face.

Stefan had been asked to throw some things Lucy had given him into the Rivers of Dreams right below the Dream Bridge, and he was on his way there right now.

A part of Kruger struggled from within. Xeres had given Omar full control, pushing Kruger deep into his own mind since Omar had no choice but to obey his Alpha.

Stefan going to the Dream Bridge was all a set up. Kruger had earlier on met with Lucy, and blackmailed her into luring Stefan to the Dream Bridge, threatening to report her to Xeres for poisoning him with wolfsbane.

He couldn't betray them. He had to do something about it.

"Are you okay?" Tyler asked as Kruger froze, sweating profusely.

"Nothing," Omar said through Kruger, fighting internally as Kruger slowly crawled out to take control.

Kruger's eyes flashed a light grey; Kruger took control. The others looked towards the door in surprise; Kruger storming out.

"What's the matter with him?" Zedler asked. The gate to Kruger's garage slowly got reeled upward, and Kruger ran in, started the engine of his motorcycle, and drove off.


Stefan neared the Dream Bridge, recalling the directions given to him by Lucy.

This was his first time in Dragon Falls, and most especially, the first place he had opened his eyes to see after 21 years.

He carefully held the gourd Lucy had given him to empty out into the Rivers of Dreams: the border between Haven Brook and Dragon Falls.

He smiled as he remembered the starlit smile that had formed on Rayna's face when he opened his eyes. As he neared the Dream Bridge, he walked faster, hoping to get done with it, and return to Rayna.

Little did he know that hiding in the bushes at both sides of the Bridge were Xeres' men: Werewolves

"Stefan, stop!" Kruger yelled, and Stefan turned around, lifting his hands to cover his eyes as a motorcycle approached; the headlight blinding him.

Stefan winced in pain; a painful and tight grip grabbing his arm. The last thing Stefan saw was a fist approaching his face, and he blacked out.

"Nooooooo." Kruger yelled as they drove off with Stefan. He begged to turn, at least for a few minutes, but no he couldn't, not until it was a full moon.

Kruger fell on his knees, surrendering to his fate; tears trickling down his face. A car approached, it's headlight illuminating the bridge. The car stopped, after which Rayna and the others ran out.

"What happened? Where's Stefan?" Tyson asked, but Kruger couldn't reply.

All he could say was, "I'm sorry."

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