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Mayor's Office, Haven Brook.

The office fit exactly into what it was: a mayor's office. A flag stood at the right corner of the office; the light fabric gently moving in the subtle morning breeze.

On the brown painted wall on the other end of the office, was a large window that looked over the busy roads of Haven Brook, and modern structures of companies, restaurants, and retail shops. Before the window was a huge black leather clothed chair.
A brown desk stood before the chair, with files and documents arranged on it in neat stacks; a pen case standing next to them.

A click was heard from the dirty brown wooden door: probably oak or juniper, and the door opened. The Mayor, Mayor Roosevelt, also referred to as Lord Roosevelt stepped in.

He seemed to be in haste, and he walked towards a shelf painted dark crimson, adjacent his desk to the left. He pushed aside some files, and brought out a jewelry box, sighing in relief.

His face lit up with a mischievous smile as he opened the box, to reveal a silver ring with a fiery red pearl encrusted on it. Finally he spoke.

Though it was only two words, it was filled with energy.

"Be ready."


Black Tridax Territory, Dragon Falls.

It was the same place the two leaders had previously met; an old catholic church, abandoned since the last world war.
Insects and reptiles crawled everywhere, heavy layers of dust settling everywhere possible.

Cobwebs were creatively, but disgustingly woven into every corner of the ancient bubuilding
Xeres eyes moved to the ancient arched door as it flung open, with Drake stepping in.

This time, he was flanked by only few men, the one called Eric from before being among them.

"I needed just one of your men or only you," Xeres stated.

"The more the merrier, isn't that what they say?" Drake smirked.

"I need you to compel him." Xeres looked towards a pillar that Stefan was tied to. Stefan had stopped struggling after several hours of doing so.

His muscles were already weak, and his breathing, shallow.

Xeres needed Stefan to do something, and since Stefan wasn't a werewolf, not to mention his pack member, that he could just control through the Alpha link.

He needed a vampire to do so: to compel him.

"What should I tell him to do?" Eric asked.


Miami, Florida.

The door opens, and Malum steps in, sadness and worry clearly expressed on his face. He slams the door shut, and carelessly throws his jacket onto the couch.

He walks to the kitchen, where his sister, Clara was: cleaning up the kitchen. He finds a leftover piece of burrito on the kitchen counter, and picks it up, stuffing it into his mouth.

"What's with the mood?" Clara asked, wiping off a oil stain on the white tiles of the kitchen slab.

"Steve fired me." He breathed heavily, and dumped the burrito wrap into a waste bin. Clara stood up on hearing this, and took off the blue and cream apron she was wewearing

The apron had a logo of a restaurant on the 3rd Street, where Clara worked.

"Let's go back to Vatican city." She sighed, and dropped the apron in her hand on the kitchen counter.

"I'm not sure, I don't want to get involved with any supernatural stuff." Malum told her, and she quickly replied him, "you know it's not possible. Malum we are werewolves!" She cried out.

"Malum, when will you accept the fact that we can never have normal lives?" she continued, Malum's eyes twitching with an unclear expression.

"Fine, we leave for Vatican city first thing tomorrow." Malum finally surrendered to Clara.


Zedler drove at full speed on the smooth tarred road, not minding the.... He was not in human city so there were no driving precautions holding him back.

Rayna sat at the back of the car; her eyes bloodshot red. She had cried all through the previous day, after discovering

Stefan had been abducted by an Alpha. She only stopped hitting Kruger, when Sarah cast a freezing spell on her. Kruger couldn't retaliate, due to the guilt haunting him from betraying them to Xeres.

The next morning, Kruger was nowhere to be found. They were currently on the way to a place, where Sarah's witchcraft had detected Stefan would be.

Tyson, who was sitting next to Zedler, looked out the window as the subtle breeze, indicating the approach of winter filled the car.

Unlike Haven Brook, where both sides of the road were occupied by modern structures of companies, shopping malls, large industries, restaurants, retail shops, clubs, coffee shops, and so on, everywhere here were little cabins, tents, small houses, trees, and bushes.

He turned back to look at Zedler, who was driving, and placed his hand on Zedler's arm, causing Zedler to face him.

"Not now! I'm not ready to die," Lloyd said irritably, as Zedler leaned forward to kiss Tyson; his hands still on the steering.

Finally they crossed the border into the destination: the Red Crescent Territory.

Kruger rode his motorcycle at full speed, the morning breeze brushing hard up against his face, chilly winds circling the corners of his ears.

He had left home very early this morning, and had stopped by some few places to get things he'll need. He was heading to Haven Brook.

He was going to start a normal life. He would take up a job probably as a cop, a waiter, or a salesman. He neared the end of Dragon Falls as he approached the Dream Bridge, that led directly into Haven Brook.

Kruger stopped the motorcycle on spotting a dark figure up above, The raven black cloak standing out in the light of the early sunrise.

Kruger didn't need to be told that it was Xeres. he was probably here to refuse him permission of leaving the pack. Kruger had anticipated this.

One thing Xeres didn't know was that one of the places Kruger had stopped by was Lucy's cabin, where he had gotten something to overcome Xeres' control over in.

Xeres' eyes widened in shock as Kruger ignored his presence, ignited the motorcycle's engine, and drove it at full speed towards him, not minding that he was on the way.

Xeres' emerald green eyes flashed the brown color of Xander's. Kruger smiled as Xeres' withdrew two curved swords, and ran towards him.

He knew Xeres wouldn't be powerful enough to get through the temporary invincibility field since it wasn't a full moon.

Xeres knowing transformation wouldn't be possible, jumped up, hoping to cut of Kruger's head, but instead he was met with a huge jolt of electricity as an invisible field around Kruger sparked an infrared blue color, throwing Xeres several meters backwards.

Kruger kept driving, leaving Xeres lying on the floor, temporarily paralysed, and his blades sinking into the Rivers of Dreams.

Kruger finally drove away from the bridge into Haven Brook, and he felt the invincibility field leave him, just as Lucy had said.


Jaden walked to Zayn's room, hoping to try to convince him again. He didn't have to go that far as he saw Zayn up ahead, discussing with Ray, one of the gammas and Jaden's best friend.

Jaden returned the smile Ray gave him on spotting him.

"What are you discussing?" Jaden asked, and Ray immediately replied with two words, "the conclave." Jaden's mood switched to a worried one, remembering the reason he was here.

"Minerva will also be competing in the conclave." Ray continued, and Jaden unknowingly sighed in relief. if Minerva was truly competing in the conclave, then he was sure Zayn would lose.

Minerva was an extremely powerful Orl, that had mastered how to shut off her humanity completely, and let her demonic alter ego take full control.

Unlike vampires and werewolves, Orls found it hard to do this but she did. Her territory was large, her army powerful, that it could contend with the host of the grand council. In fact Stark had feared her to some extent.

"Jaden?" Zayn snapped Jaden out of his trance. Jaden could see the disgust in Zayn's eyes.

"You are happy she's contesting, you want me to lose."

"Yes." Jaden didn't deny. Ray looked back and forth the both of them, being fully aware of what was happening. "You are jealous," Zayn said, and continued, "you are jealous because I'm Alpha, and on my way to become a councillor."

"Jealous?" Jaden asked in unbelief. "Why would I be jealous? If I wanted to be Alpha, I'll challenge you, and I will win. You know that." Jaden continued.

Zayn didn't reply, but both Ray and Jaden could feel him trying to push down the fact that he knew Jaden was ststronger

Somehow, Jaden was partially immune to silver, you had to dive it though his heart before it would affect him. He could also transform at any time, and didn't have to wait for a full moon.

They were still unsure of why he had black blood. Zayn muttered something beneath his breath, and turned to go when a sudden instinct caused him to speak up. "We have visitors."
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