Chapter 5

We all had exams coming up over the next few days and decided we would get together at Ryan's to study, relax, order some takeout, and maybe watch a movie later. I told Dez not to wait up when Ryan came to pick me up that morning, but I knew he would, he always did.

Ryan drove us all straight to his house after school, his parents were out of town for the weekend so I was thankful that Jane and Matt were here with us. We all spent a few hours studying and quizzing each other back and forth before the pizza arrived and prompted a well-needed break.  

Ryan and Matt followed it up by playing some game on his Playstation, while Jane was telling me about this guy she's into at school and her plan to catch his attention before the winter formal. It didn't surprise me much to learn that he had a girlfriend already, Jane was one of those girls who thought t

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Zam Baleña
I love reading novels!!!!
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Serena Broton
He’s a douch

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