Bonus: Connor (3/3)

“Shh Sugar, you’re ok, we’re here,” he lifted my chin and locked eyes with me, his golden hues grounding me and his sparks soothed me, “she doesn’t need you right now Artemis.”

Alaric and Xander surrounded me, the perfect storm of my mates back in place as I let their scents bring me back to safety. Connor’s fire was nothing compared to Alaric’s. His smokiness filled my senses and drifted through me as it connected with Xander’s warmth and Wyatt’s sweet dew that lifted my mood. 

‘Tell us,’ Alaric linked the four of us. 

‘I don’t know where to start,’ I let my hands drift up Wyatt’s shirt, and he pulled it off so

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Leslie Dean
Such an amazing story! I can't wait for the next book!! 🥰💕
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Marie Night
one more day of bonus chapters! I was so excited to release today and I'm even more excited for tomorrow!!!
goodnovel comment avatar
This is amazing!!! Your mind is truly a gift.

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