It was the morning right after the big incident involving the whole world. It was supposed to be a big incident, but no news were stating about it and nothing showed up in social media regarding that issue. Most importantly, the neighborhood was too quiet, no damages, no casualties, and not even… sadness?

Ricky frowned while folding the laundries.

“Ricky, if you frown like that, the house spirits will get scared.” Noel stepped near while holding a laundry basket in his arms.

“Oh, sorry.”

Ricky apologized to some house spirits that were trembling in fear of him. Noel sat on the carpeted floor near him and took out the laundries to fold. Then they both went silent except for the whirring sound of the washing machine inside the laundry room.

“Noel.” Ricky called and Noel glanced at him. “Am I that scary?”

Noel narrowed his eyes. “What’s with this sudden question?&rdq

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