Evening quickly came by, yet they both still lazed around on the couch.

Closing the novel book he read, Ricky apouted, “As I thought, you should really move into-”

“I won’t.” Noel immediately cut in.

The both of them sat still.

“Ricky, there is something I would like to tell you.” Noel spoke after a long while of silence.

“What is it?” Ricky who was leaning against the sofa now sat straight as he gave his full attention to Noel. Noel also sat straight, slightly hesitating his decision.

“I...” He paused. “It is time for me to go, to leave earth and venture into a new world.”

Ricky froze.

In one moment, he looked as if he really wanted to oppose the idea; with him frowning and stuff, yet in the next moment, he fell into a deep thought.

“…Go on then.”

Noel blinked his eyes in confusion. For more solid ev

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