Noel heaved a deep sigh after he opened his eyes.

“Hm? Where is he?”

He darted his eyes around, searching for Ricky.

“Hey.” A voice said, and he turned around.

Ricky was sitting on a fallen tree trunk while crossing his legs lazily. He was holding his smartphone that had flashlight turned on and on his lap, the stacks of books were placed with one book on the top being opened by Ricky.

“Took you long enough. I had already finished five chapters into the book. I even have to use a flashlight because the forest it too dark!”

Ricky ranted. Noel was only able to laugh. He understood where Ricky was coming from, being left alone in a scary looking place and all.

“I’m sorry.” Noel said

Ricky sighed and ruffled his hair.

He then stood up and brushed any dirt and dust from his clothes, before walking near Noel and handed him the three books.

“Here. Mi

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