78 (Epilogue)

Oberon (Noel)

“Your majesty!”

Izfar opened the door of the dressing room while yelling for Oberon’s name. Inside the room, the maids were fitting Noel—who had already returned to his original body—with some oriental clothes imbued with several enchantments.

“Hey, Izfar. Long time no see.” Oberon grinned.

Izfar showed a relieved look. “Welcome back.”

“I’m back.”

They both exchanged smiles.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have time to sit down and have a talk as Oberon was preparing for protection ceremony by Madam Ruzka before he again departed into a new world.

After wearing the full outfit for the ceremony, he headed to the main hall, where Madam Ruzka had awaited him.

Chants of spells filled the hall, infusing a pool that was located at the middle of the hall with mana. Upon completion, the pool glowed with a bright, turquoise color. Without delay


Book one has ended YEAY~! Now for book two, which might come later because I'm tired phew XD Anyways, thank you so much for reading this story up until the end. The second season will come with more action and twist! I'm not sure if I should add bromance in the second book or not but we'll see >v< Thank you again for your love towards the character and hoping to see you again next time~!

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