(After having dinner and resting a bit in the tent)


Somehow, Ricky couldn’t seem to fall asleep. Despite him, Noel and Adam who have had a little too much fun night trekking and frolicking around the area after they have their dinner that he should have felt tired by it, Ricky didn’t feel it, the sleepiness nor the fatigue.

However, contrary to him, Adam is sleeping like a log beside him. The frequency of his snores is like begging for Ricky to clam his mouth shut and probably gave him a smack or two on his forehead. What a lass, disturbing people with his loud snores.

There’s a reason as to why Ricky is slightly irked by Adam’s snores in particulr at that very moment. For Ricky, he doesn’t care that much if his friend snores, make a 720 degree roll until his t-shirt became a top tank, or even perform an acrobatic movement in sleep while having the legs smush everything in it&rsqu

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