I feel betrayed in many ways than one.

No, seriously.

If there are people outside there that wished to learn the basics of magic, without having even an ounce of Mana Reserve inside them, I advice you to quit.

Even for me, who posses a huge amount of Mana, so huge that I can even restore my soulmate’s Mana Reserve to their fullest, can’t even handle my Mana very well.

“Focus. I can sense your breath faltering.”

A voice resounded in my mind, making it’s way through my eardrums and of course, completely destroying the last bit of focus that I have inside me. I heaved a huge exasperated sigh that sounded more like a grunt and glanced towards the sky in frustration.

“Val! Look, I am trying my best to focus here. Can you at least be quiet?”

“....I wouldn’t call it a focus if your thoughts wandered somewhere.”

I gasped in surprise.


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