“What the hell…?”

I mumbled, reaching out my fingers to the floating sentence in front of me. It was untouchable, judging from my hands that went through the words like waving through air.

If this sentence in front of me cannot be touched, then does that mean it was only in my mind?

Scratching my hand that was bitten by mosquitoes, I fluttered my eyes several times, trying to make sure I was not hallucinating. The words really appeared in my mind.

Soon after that, the words started to fade away—slightly different from the games because it faded like the shadows or your reflection on the surface of the water that wavered because of something touching the surface. I got up from the sofa—still glueing my eyes to the disappearing words—and turned around to the sliding door after the sentence had fully disappeared from my eyes. Still fazed, this hands of mine moved by itself, tugging the metallic door and sliding it close. The same was


Hello guys! Akarin_Rishna here! Thank you so much for reading IMMORTAL (IMMORTAL BOOK 1) I'm very happy that you read it! *Insert crying meme* Now that book one is done, allow me to take a rest before I start on book 2, and I tell you what, it will only get more intense from her on out! With that being said, enjoy this book and see you guys later Byee~!!!

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