Chapter 72.5

There it was, the word vomit that was creeping up inside my throat, gear to escape, I knew that telling him the truth, and the end of things, would prove much greater than lying to him, just as I knew that the truth always had a nasty habit of leaking out, and against my better judgment, I knew against everything that I did, that the truth would eventually come out, whether I truly liked it or not. And I knew that deep down, there was nothing that scared me more than that. Nothing at all, so I took the deep dive, and I opened up emotionally, mentally and physically. I could tell that the heart was becoming very evident on my face because he looked at me, Isaiah looked at me, as if there was something deeper that he had to know. Both of his arms wrapped around my own, "Alexis." His voice dropped, the tone considerably lower than before, "What is the matter? Tell me, what is wrong?"

I looked down, I could not bear anything in him to look him straight in his eyes, he lifted my h

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