Chapter 73

I was in Isaiah's room wrapped in his embrace, enjoying his warmth when Zee stormed in. Her eyes fueled with fury and there was a hint of something scared between them. My mind started racing rapidly, and the first thing that I could think of was Evan. I mean, Isaiah was okay, I was in his arms, and Zee would not the one to barge in like that for no good reason, especially with the expression she had on her face, right now. 

Instantly, I forced myself out of Isaiah's embrace, and looked at her straight in the eyes. I do not know what I was searching for, possibly any bad news about Evan, that could only be communicated through the eyes, before she told me out right. But I could not find anything, I mean the clear explanation was that she was trained to be able to effectively conceal her emotions,  and she did it well. "What? What is it, Zee. Please tell me, tell me now."

"Alexis, you have to come quickly. Miss Smith needs to see you. Now." 

My bre

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