Chapter 74.5

She was silent for a while, but I knew that she heard me loud and clear, I could see the gears turning behind her eyes, and I saw all she wanted to know and to tell me, without her even needing to move her lips. There was fear and apprehension, but eventually, she nodded. "If that is what you want and that is what you wish for then, so be it."

Isaiah was the first one to make a quick protest, "Are you actually kidding me right now. No." Abruptly he turned to me, "No, Alexis, no. You can not do this you are bringing yourself up for slaughter, and no one at all she be even saying something like that."

Zee's hands rest on me, and I turned my attention towards her, "Alexis, Isaiah is right, this is nothing more than an execution on your part. You do not have to sacrifice yourself for us to live. That is not necessary, and it will never, ever be necessary." My eyes then met Elijah, sitting directly opposite me, and he just shook his head. Simple and slow. Side to side. Ther

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