Chapter 74.52

Before Miss Smith- Anna could say anything else, Isaiah quickly interjected himself, "No! This is not happening, I will not even let anyone entertain the idea." His hand grabbed mine and he squeezed it, hard, I turned to face him. His eyes said everything that I knew he was keeping locked in his heart. I knew that he could not break his composure, but I also knew that it was killing him that I would even think of something like this. For him, it was like I was leaving him, almost like a betrayal. But for me, it was more like a gift from me to him, it was a chance of a better life for him. "Alexis, why are you even thinking about doing this? Have we not been happy? Why would you want to throw it all away when we can find another way around this. It is not fair, please do not do this to me."

I looked at him, as in really looked at him, and all I could gift him was a small smile. He would never understand, even if I told him, he would think that I was just doing it to fabricate

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