Chapter 75

He smiled, the stretch on his face pulled him in to a wide and bright smile. It was weird actually, I never really thought that I would have made a good wife, but I was more than willing to try for Isaiah, he was everything that I wanted and more. There was nothing that he could not say to me that I would not do for him, nothing. But I knew that I had to do this, not just for only him, but for me too. I had to do it, because if I did not, I am not entirely sure what hope our future had, and that fact was more scary than anything. "I love you, Isaiah. I really do."

Although, I saw that hint of sadness crown his features, I could see in clear as day in his eyes that he loved me too, he loved me more than anything. And if there was something I was thankful for, it was most definitely that. He loved me, he loved at me as if I was this rare treasure, this rare jewel that he never thought in his life that he could gain a hold of, but here I was. In front of him, in his arms. Slowly

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