Chapter 76

I looked at Elijah, then at Isaiah, the only thing that I could do was to look at all my friends with the utmost confusion that I could muster. What in the hell were they actually talking about? "What do you mean? Do not tell me that all of you concocted some other ridiculous plan about how you are going to save me? It is not going to work, there is no way that you guys could have come up with a plan in less than forty eight hours."

I felt Isaiah's hand  on mine first, as he looked at me, with the same amount of determination that he always has when it is regarding my life and well being. "But Alexis, what if we can, what if we can save you. Would you accept our help? Would you take that risk, for us, for me? Would you?" I looked at him, as in really looked at him, and I knew it, I just knew it deep down within me that he was not lying, he really was not. They have come up with a plan that is going to save me, I myself was not intent of dying, so if there was a way back,

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