Daughter Of Phoenix
Daughter Of Phoenix
Author: AlexisReign

Chapter 1

chapter one

Bad- the world had turned bad. Over the last couple of years there has been nothing but chaos. Unknown beings have infiltrate part of our world; mass hysteria, robberies, murders have tripled over the years. Innocent people are dying either out of starvation or their untimely and unwanted death. They- the military- the people that are supposed to protect us order us when to stay inside our homes and when it's safe to leave. But one thing is for sure after nine o'clock no one is supposed to leave, if you do and you get seen, it either you're punished or killed on the spot. Our government was meant to protect us, yet we were the ones that lived in fear of them.

"Alexis, where are you going? It's gone past curfew. Alexis, you're not supposed to leave." A voice pulled me out of my thoughts. I stopped abruptly, turning around to see the only person that gave me joy, out of everything that has happened, he was my only light. Small but packed with the biggest and brightest star.

I kneeled down in front of him, raking my hand through my little brothers' silver ivory-colored hair. "Evan. I just have to go to the shops, it's urgent." Lie.

"Can't it wait?" His baby-like face scrunched up and I could feel my heart tighten.

"I can't. But you know what, I'll get you something while I'm there okay? But Evan, if I don't make it back, you need to assure me that'll you take care of mum for me." Yet, I knew that was another lie. I was never going to see Evan again, call me heartless but it would be better for the both of us. Living in this house was taking a strain on me and I knew no one would hurt him, Eaton, my stepfather, loves Evan too much to ever even lay a hand on him.

"Are you coming back?" The sadness in his voice and the tears trickling down his face made me want to engulf him with a hug and tell him everything will be fine, but if I did, I'm afraid I wouldn't have the courage to leave. And I had to, I had to go.

Another deep, brooding voice called out from up the stairs I focused my attention on the man who turned my happy life into a quick nightmare, looking up at Eaton, he still looked the same as he did years ago: raven black hair, sunken in eyes, thin nose even thinner lips and the massive pot belly you could see from a mile away. The smell of cigarettes and alcohol seemed to cling to him wherever he went, he didn't have a bone in his body that contained good morals, let alone the will to get a job to support us. "Are you taking your leave soon? Or are you just going to keep wallowing here and leeching off my back?"

That's why I have to leave, the child care money won't cover all of us and one less child means more money if the government, or what's left of it, still believes I'm living with my parents. More of it would go to Evan. And he deserved it, he deserved a better life, more money for food, clothes, anything he wanted. He deserved it all.

"Let me finish my goodbyes, Eaton." Feeling anger well up inside of me but I did my best to keep my composure. The more I would try to suppress it, the more it bubbled up inside me.

"That's father to you." Never. Never ever. He would never be my father, just as I'd never call him it. He didn't deserve that prestigious, earned title. He didn't deserve anything.

"You know I'm not going to call you that." His bloodshot eyes welled up, the veins bulging out even more. He hated it when he was disobeyed. Yet, I loved seeing him crack so easily. He didn't have any self-control and that I hoped would be his destruction.

"You know, if you respected me more, you'd never find yourself in this situation.." I knew what he was trying to do, gas-light me, make me seem like the crazy, abusive one. Intimidate me into saying that's he's right and succumb to all his deluded wishes. But I had enough of it. Enough of all of it. If that meant I had to throw myself into potentially my death, to escape him, then that's what I had to do.

I turned around proceeding to leave, that's when I caught a figure in my peripheral vision. Her long black kinky hair flowing around her shoulders and her piercing hazel eyes digging right into mine. My mom; stunning, courageous, and as long as I could remember always wanted the best for her children but that was all before my real father died. My memories weren't as clear and vivid as what I could remember. Yet, I knew he was the best for our family and my mother. He was my father. His kindness, generosity, his love was all traits about him that I could never forget.

No one said anything, silence encompassing us. I knew she was afraid, of what she did if she spoke out of term from what Eaton wanted her to. But that sparking glint in her eyes, I needed to make sure her decision to abandon me was set. "Mum, do you really want me to leave? Me, you, Evan can escape this you know. We can escape him." My eyes flickered to Eaton, willing to ignore the heated glares.

"No one, absolutely no one is taking my son away from me." From as far back as I remember, the first time I held Evan in my arms, I never parted from his side. I was always there when he cried. I was always there when he hurt himself and needed my help. Me. Not Eaton. I guess it was undeniable he was there as a father but not as attentive as normal father's across the country. All he seemed to care for was his liquor and his life-shortening cigarettes. Burning money, we didn't have.

My mother began draping her hand over his wide-set shoulders, patting his back, trying to soothe down his temper. "Eaton, my dear. Rethink this, please? She is useful to us, she helps us with Evan." How, my own mother seemed so detached when speaking of her only daughter, did its best to sting. I was no more than a mistake now, in her eyes. Something that she did and unfortunately, now could never get rid of.

"Gia. She's disrespected us long enough in our own house. She deserves to leave and face the real world, maybe it'll extinguish out some of that fire in her. Mold her to be a proper, respectable girl." But it wasn't his, this house belonged to my father and his father before him. It was my birthright, not his.

"Yet, what if she doesn't make it? You know how hard it is to survive on her own, especially out there." This was the last she knew she could plead my case with him, if she pressed any harder, his anger that was now focused on me would be quickly redirected. And it was worst when it was her. A lot worst.

Maybe, she did actually love me and care for me. Still, her fear of him was much greater than her love for me.

"Are you suggesting that I let this abomination of a child still live under my roof? Gia, you better cool your tongue before I cool it for you." One warning. One warning was all she got and she quickly followed his command. Subtle, but still had enough venom to make my own heart hitch. We had to get through when my father passed, we needed means of getting by. Our money was running out and my father isolated himself away from his family, so when it came to help, there was no one to help us. Until Eaton came, at first he seemed nice as if he was a good man and would be an even better stepfather. Then, his true colors came out, by then my mother was trapped with him, pregnant. There was nowhere we could run to.

Recoiling backward, quickly trying to put as much possible distance between him and her. He was unpredictable. And it was dangerous if she got too close. "I'm sorry. I just thought it's the best idea for our son."

"We can cope without her."

She nodded her head, despite him not even giving her the brunt of his attention. His eyes kept trained on me, fury brewing between them.

"Indeed." Her eyes connected with mine, something screaming behind them. For help. For sanctuary. For me? "Call if you need anything." Immediately she turned her back to me, proceeding to walk away. If I didn't say something now, I knew I'd regret it later.

"Mother." The desperation in my tone must have stopped her in her tracks yet she still didn't turn to face me. I guess saying goodbye was hard for her too. "Do you want me to leave, really?" She didn't respond, I guess that was all I needed. If she wasn't willing to support me, who else could? "Well, mum. I respect your decision and I want you to know I still love you. And I always will. "Her back twitched before quickly recovering, she disappeared into the adjacent room.

"Now, Alexis. Or your time will be running out. Those soldiers will be patrolling down our streets soon. Nevertheless, you're still leaving this house tonight. One way or another." I received the message loud and clear. If I didn't go willingly, it wouldn't matter because he'd force me regardless.

Evan realizing what was going on, erupted in another bulk of tears, staining his lightly tanned cheeks, dimming his eyes, and crimping his features. Seeing him like this broke my heart. Seeing Evan cry was like a thousand bullets finding their way inside me all at once. And I hated myself for making him react this way. Slowly, I crouched to his level, draping over his head an emerald jeweled necklace, gifted to me by my father. It supposed to be lucky, yet despite me not having any I had to trust that its luck would find its way to the right person. And I hoped that was Evan. "Keep this around you at all times. Never take it off. And here, I'll hide it underneath your shirt so no one has any smart comments to make about it. Will you wear it, for me?" He nodded, tears still flowing down his soft cheeks, carefully I traced them down, wiping them away. "Don't cry. Be brave. Can you be brave, Evan?"

"I can."

Somehow, I had a feeling that would be my final goodbye. One last time, my eyes wandered around the home I grew up in. Everything remained roughly the same when my father passed; the same potted plant on the table opposite the small window, the same carpet stained from when I spilled pasta rushing into finishing a game with my mother and father. Things were the same, yet everything was so different.

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