Chapter 4.25

"Alexis?" I recognized that voice. This was a dream. "Alexis!" The voice strained, unsure what to do. Another series of footsteps charged through, followed by another and then another until I lost count.

Wet. I was wet. My cheeks felt unbearably damp. The paralysis slowly drained from my systems.

A dream. It was a dream.

Forcefully I snapped my eyes open the smell of sulfur disintegrated and sweet chocolate filled my senses instead. Instantly I locked my eyes onto Zee, her expression screamed everything, fear. Absolute fear possibly the overwhelming thought that I was the key to fixing the world, I could remember what she said about me being the 'savior' and Isaiah agreed with her, my mind flowed back to him saying he didn't know why they wanted me and he seemed surprisingly honest. Did he lie to me? If he did, how, why would he choose to slip up like that, right in front of me? Could I trust him?

My shoulders shook with violent force, reality seemed to seep back in. Zee.

Opening my mouth to somewhat reassure her, nothing comes out, only air. I had to catch my breath. I had to calm down. Quickly I placed a cold hand on her warm ones making sure I locked eyes with her, I nodded. Her tense, hunched shoulders relaxed. That was enough for now.

With dry lips and even drier throat, I managed to croak out what I could deduct was a question, "What happened?"

She gave me a ludicrous look like I was the crazy one, she took a seat on the bed, I guess she had quite the shock, but weren't they supposed to be trained for this, it was in their job description to handle crazy, right? "What happened? What happened! Alexis, you were the one screaming, we thought something bad happened, or someone broke in-"


She gestured towards the entrance of my room, everyone like everyone was there, which explains the multiple footsteps. This was unbelievably embarrassing, a grown teen that had a nightmare acting like a baby. But that nightmare, that nightmare was so realistic I could have sworn it happened and that sulfur smell afterward. How? Maybe it was a good thing, Evan was safe, home tucked in by now and fast asleep.

Threatening tears nearly started spilling but then I laid eyes on Isaiah, his face held no amusement of any sort, just immense worry, he communicated with his eyes asking if I was okay, quickly I turned, I wasn't a child. One nightmare. No big deal.

I could swear even Elijah looked slightly upset, only slightly his sweatpants hung loosely around his torso, his rigid abs bear covered with intricate tattoos, I could nearly make out, we were all engulfed in mostly darkness except the hall light outside radiating light, that I learned turned on automatically. Leave it to Elijah to be the only one practically naked, Veronica wore a black nightie with blinders wrapped around her head, ready to go back to her 'beauty sleep' even Jordon looked worried. I could make out a musk of chocolate from him too, did he and Zee sleep together? Was that even allowed-

"Alexis!" Her tone came out particularly harsh for Zee, my eyes snapped directly to her "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, thank you," Shifting upwards with Zee's help, I sat upwards, my face was soaked in tears, even dampening the pillows, bringing up my hand to wipe away the liquid from my face. "Thank you all, I'm okay-"

Something caught my eyes, instantly I stopped. My right arm bared three ruby red, deep, twisted scratches, to the point I was drawing blood. That definitely was not there before. My nails were not remotely long enough to make those marks that deep.

Silence. Complete silence.

Looking through my lashes, Isaiah's eyes met mine, instantly he ran to my bedside, taking my arm in his hands carefully analyzing the damage.

Jordon dragged Elijah who was leaning on the wall obviously confused, "We'll do a perimeter check."

My eyes met Zee's. Trying to be somewhat comforting she placed a hand on my other arm, " They're just checking if we have an intruder. Common procedure." We both knew it was a lie, something would have triggered off their security, it was state of art. But was there really a procedure to this?

Veronica proceeded to start investigating my room, looking out the window as if anyone can survive a first-floor fall. This surely woke her up, her faltering eyes suddenly buzzed with life.

"Alexis," He placed a hand tenderly onto the top of my wound, a little bit too hard, pain shot through my entire arm, I concealed it as best I could but knowingly he always saw through it, " Do you know how you got this?"

Irritated. Confused. Scared. Wasn't the best all mixed together, " Do you think if I knew I wouldn't tell you?" My voice was intended to come out hard, but I wasn't entirely comfortable talking to him in that manner, I know, he was just trying to help.

"I'm sorry Isaiah, it is just all too, well, you know." He knew exactly what I meant, he and I both knew it wasn't an intruder or self-inflicted. So what was it?

His eyes softened only to comfort me, I could see the worry behind it, slowly but surely he placed his hand, cupping my left cheek trying to wipe away the wetness. I know it's stupid but I felt myself slowly leaning into it. It was the only comfort I could hold onto right now. "We'll figure it out together."

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