Chapter 4.5

With the boys already explaining to us that there was no one around for miles, I think it really dawned on everyone that this was deadly serious, eradicating the threat of an intruder instead was something we all could cling to, even hoped for, anything was better than the truth. But to our dismay, the boys extinguished our hope. My hope.

Privately they chose to talk from earshot away from me, probably what they thought was for my own good. As if. They practically had to pry Isaiah away from me, he was so reluctant to go that when he left his fire and warmth died with him, at least I had Zee still by my side she thought it was best for me not to be left alone. I couldn't help but agree with her, silently of course. If they were nervous, how should I be feeling? Fearful? Scared?

After their private get-together, all the boys stormed back into the room, Veronica still lingered in the hallway like she was anxious to come close to me, not scared, but unsure. They insisted that I shouldn't stay alone and instead should share with Isaiah as he readily volunteered, I made no quick protest. Trying to distribute my weight evenly, I remember attempting to take two steps only to find myself crumble to the ground, Isaiah was there almost in an instant but Elijah beat him to it, picking me easily off my feet as my robe hung loosely around my bare body.

His hold felt so alien but he was so sure of himself that even I felt like I was meant to belong there. He kicked the already slightly ajar door belonging to Isaiah's room, meticulously placing me onto his king-sized bed, the satin duvet cloaked around me, and warmth shot through my entire body, that sweet smell of Isaiah clung to my nostrils. I guess I've encompassed that smell with safety. I was safe. At least for now.

Isaiah had attentively followed, cleaned up my wound, I quickly thanked Elijah and everyone for helping, I know this would be completely rather than what they'd be rather doing. Knowing that I'd be safe with Isaiah they left.

Right now, he was fishing out extra blankets and pillows from his closet, the bed had enough. Why was he getting more? "Why do you need that?" I could feel my eyebrows scrunch together as I pointed to the array of bed supplies he was currently holding. Trying to relax my face so my features wouldn't be so tense.

He gave me a bewildered look like it was an outrageous question to ask, "Alexis, I'm sleeping on the floor," His eyes flashed down to the blankets, "Unless you want this? Are you warm enough?"

Was he actually being serious? I had the thickest duvet possible and comforter and I was in fact too hot which in fact was a major surprise compared to the terrible English weather. His appeal for my wellbeing was welcomed. He really cared. "You'd sleep on the floor without anything just for me and my wellbeing?" It wasn't supposed to come out as a question and I could see his immediate reaction, hurt.

"Why would you think anything less?" He paused forcing me to look into his now blue orbs, "Look, Alexis, I know you have a hard time letting people in. I could sense that when we first met, but if it takes a week, a month, hell if it takes years. I will help you open up-"

"How can you be like, like that," Struggling to find the words to form a coherent sentence I took a deep breath, "What I'm trying to say, I've known you what, a couple of days and you're ready to lay down your life for me, you're ready to do all these things for me, I'm no one special Isaiah, and that's even regarding if I make it the next couple of months-"

"What do you mean?" A dangerous edge held his voice like he didn't want to hear what I was going to tell him next.

"I'm going to die, aren't I? That's why you had to protect me, deliver me to the Nations, so I could 'save' the world. That usually means a sacrifice and that sacrifice is going to be me." I guess it's always been in the back of my mind, I had always known, I've read enough novels to confirm this. If I at least save Evan I was happy. And I guess him too.

He tried to close the distance but the look I gave him stopped him in his tracks, frowning he continued, "Look I know I said I didn't know what they wanted to do with you and I still really don't, but yes I was assigned on this mission to recover you and deliver you safely to Nations' HQ they believe that you hold the key for saving the world, they never told me how. We're restricted to the level of information we receive. But Alexis if I even had a hint of what they planned to you was bad, I'd never accepted in fact, I would still rescue you but never put you in their hands, Alexis I-" He paused trying to use his hand to express his out bursting emotions, "And it hasn't been a couple of days at least for me. I was always infatuated by you since I first was assigned your case a few years back, it just surprised me how someone going through what you've gone through still manages to hold onto sanity. I mean I never saw you physically in person, but I could visualize everything about you. You are special, especially to me. Believe it or not, you were perfect for me - are- and I just knew I had to volunteer to be assigned to this case despite the dangers-"

Clouds of feelings were swirling inside me, should I feel angry for my privacy or lack thereof? Or for Isaiah practically professing his love to me. Was he actually saying that? Usually, I'm good at reading people but he completely out of focus for me right now. "You - you volunteered?"

"Who else am I going to trust with your life, Alexis?" His hand fell down to his sides and crept into his pockets, his head dwindled and he whispered it, to the point I could barely make out what he was saying. Almost.

He was now looking down at me, expecting a response, racking my head throughout I couldn't find anything to say the room was getting smaller and smaller, despite it being us two I felt immensely pressured, "What about that demon that keeps following us?" I blurted out, seeing his face in an instant made my heart clenched. How would you feel if you poured your heart to someone and they just turned around and slapped it in your face?

It looked like he was just slapped in the face, quickly collecting himself he gave a tight reply, " I don't know, it must be one of the Unknown. The Unknown usually hunt deep in the nighttime. And we don't know what they actually look like. I've logged it into HQ they'll send backup before we leave." It must have left my mind when he apparently logged it in, but I trusted it nevertheless. "Don't worry, you'll be safe. That I can promise."

Silence. I simply nodded and he accepted that.

"If there's anything else," He glanced up towards me, laying out his bed on the floor for the night, the floor as polished and gleaming as it appeared must not be all that too comfortable, I shook my head, "Okay then, goodnight Alexis." He proceeded to turn the lights off, stopped in his tracks to look back at me, "Do you want them on?"

I nodded.

"Right good-"

"Stay up here." I said, completely astonished by my own words, "Please." Again completely unlike me.

He looked weary, like if I would back out any second, "Are you sure?" His thick eyebrows furrowed.

My throat closed up, my mouth dry, all I could manage was a nod. Slowly but surely, he climbed into the bed, his weight shifted it down as I had my back turned to him. His breath trickled down my back fully bringing me awake again in more ways than one, "Goodnight-"

"Can you hold me? I just want to feel the warmth of someone." It was the only reassurance I had that someone was actually there.

He didn't hesitate, he wrapped his arms around me, also wrapping his heat around me. Any regret dissolved. This felt right.

Again he whispered a quick, "Goodnight." Before another set of darkness entrapped me. I needed to know how these marks and that strange dream came to be. But I guess things had to be taken one at a time.

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