Chapter 10

Alpha Ezra POV

I watched as the Doc gave her some injections and hooked an IV up to her. My blood is boiling, trying to figure out how she got wolfsbane in her system.

"Get out!" I tell everyone but the doctor. Her mother remains, tears rolling down her face as she looks at her unconscious daughter.

"I said get out!" Shirley looks at me, startled.

"She is my daughter; you can't tell me to leave her."

"Until I find out how she ingested wolfsbane, no one goes near her," I tell her, but Shirley doesn't budge.

"Get the fuck out of this room now!" I yell at her, forcing my Alpha Aura over her. She whimpers, turning her neck in submission before rushing out quickly, the door banging loudly as it swung closed.

I sit on the side of her bed, Doc frantically trying to hook a fluid bag up to her, his hands shaking nervously, and I drop

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Jenny Conroy
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Terry weller
a case of got ya interested, now pay to get the rest

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