Chapter 15

I watched the Alpha leave before locking the door behind him. When 5 o'clock came and the dinner call was made. Getting up, I sighed. I had no choice but to go down there and face Angie, queen bitch. Chucking on some warm clothes, I stuck my head out the door. A few stragglers, also running late like myself, walked out of their rooms and headed for the stairs to go to the lower level.

Opening the door fully, I quickly lock it behind me and make my way down to the stairs. Turning the corner, I bump into Angie. I almost groaned out loud at the sight of her. Her perfect blonde hair cascading over her shoulders, sitting below her breasts that were pushed up almost right under her chin and drawing attention to herself. Like, how can they not? They were right in your face and her own. She could practically place her chin on them.

"Why are you here?" She sneers at me in her nasally irritating voice.

"The same reason as yo

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I don’t like Angie…
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Cibelia Ibrahim
Dam it, I am only up to chapter 16. No way I am paying for that much.
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Krystal Reynolds
he is telling on himself.

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