Chapter 16

I watch as she walks away, heading inside after him. I sat there seething at her, my intense anger toward her shocked me. I hated her, hated the girl with a passion. Looking around the backyard, I look up to see shocked faces staring at me. I stare back, wondering what their problem is.

 Getting up, it wasn't until I put my rubbish in the bin and was turning to go back to the door when I noticed something strange. Nobody had turned their gaze away from me.

Anger bubbling within me like a hot poker as I walked back to the house, people stepping out of my way and dropping their heads. What the fuck is wrong with them? I wondered as they hurriedly moved away from me like I was contagious. I felt tears brim at the embarrassment like I was doing some walk of shame, but for something I had no clue of doing.

I was being shunned, just like back home. This Pack was no different. I would always be a freak. Escaping everyone's eyes, I

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goodnovel comment avatar
We would think that Angie would have learned her lesson from the night before.. I really don’t like Angie….
goodnovel comment avatar
Joanne Alpine
all I gotta say is Angie better back downing she knows what's good for her
goodnovel comment avatar
Olivia Roy
Girl needs to figure out how to wash her hair. 2x with the suds in the eyes?

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