Chapter 5-- LUST LOVE

Written by Evelyn Mba


He claimed her lips...

Her eyes widened, she had never been kissed.

But here she is been kissed by a man whose touch makes funny things to her inside.

He pulled her closer and slowly he was ontop, kissing the life out of her.

The kiss was fire, it was hot.

She tried to breath but air wouldn't come.

Slowly, she gave up and closed her eyes.

Letting the kids go far, he stopped and stared at her. Never as he wanted someone like he wants her..

What are you doing to me? He groaned and slammed his lips on hers again.

Dancing and dropping wet kisses on her body.

She didn't make a sound. It was weird for her because she wanted more, more of him.

Moans escaped her lips as he nipped on her lower lip.

She clamped her mouth shut, this feeling is not something she wants.

But he wasn't done with her, his hands went down and pinched her a**. She gasp giving him access to her mouth..

Just as his tongue slid into her mouth, she shook. Her insides was on fire, she had to stop whatever the feeling is.

His hands roamed all over her body, she never knew he could be this touchy...

What are you doing to me? He groaned again.

She was too lost to answer the question. She didn't even know what he asked, it was too much for her.

Her body was on fire.

I don't know. She moaned out..

Her breathing ceased, her lips swollen. She opened her eyes and met his.

He wasn't moving, neither was he talking but he was staring at her in a weird way.

She doesn't know if it's lust or love.

  But can a person like him love. Can he? She wondered.

Are you alright? Her voice broke the silence.

He nodded and slept next to her.

Silence came and stretched longer than usual..

It was a normal thing for them to stay without talking.

I cancelled the meeting. She whispered and turned to see his reaction.

  What did you tell them? He said avoiding her gaze.

I told them, you had something important to do. She whispered again.

He nodded and said nothing..

Why did you do it? He asked staring at her.

So, they won't think you're weak. She said and he turned giving her glares.

  I am not weak. He growled.

Yes, I know. She whispered drawing circles on his chest.

 She doesn't know where she got the courage to do that... But she did it ..

He sighed and got up, leaving the room.

Are you leaving? She asked and wished she never asked...

Yes and come to my Chambers later in the day. He said and walked out.


Beth had been up all night, thinking of what to do to the Princess.

The king loves her so much to spend a night in her room. That thought angered her the more...

Then a thought came in, why not frame her? She thought.

Yes, she would wipe that smile off her face. She thought and grinned.....

T. B. C

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