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Lara stretched out her hands happily, feeling the cool Breeze.

  She has never been this happy.

She smiled and walked around the village with Kali, her Personal maid.

  Seems you're good mood today, your Highness. She said and smile.

Yes, Kali. Am very happy. Princess Lara said.

May I know why? She pressed further.

Am just happy today Kali, there must not be a reason . She replied with a shrug.

   You don't want to tell me. Huh! She pouted.

You don't need to know, Kali. Lara chuckled.

  Okay, should I guess. Am good at guessing your Highness. Kali said.

Okay, go on. Lara said.

There is a bench over there, let's sit down your Highness. Kali said and the both went to sit.

So, am guessing you're happy because, the King slept in your Chamber yesterday. Kali said and Lara's cheek reddened.

Ohh, Kali what's your Problem. She whispered.

My Princess, your cheek.... Your blushing hard. Kali giggled and Lara covered her face.

  You know Princess, I mistakenly entered your room this morning. Kali said and Lara gasp.

What did you see? Lara asked with widened eyes.

I saw so many things, then I ran out.

You were both engrossed in what you were doing, that you didn't even notice someone was there. Kali said and Lara blushed the more.

Ohh, heavens. Kali.... She giggled.

Lara loved Kali more than a Mistress would love her slave. She was like Sister to her.

Kali, tell me more about the King and how his Parents died. Princess Lara said.

But, my Princess. It is...

I won't say a thing Kali, I promise. Lara assured her.


Long time ago, when King Nicklaus was still a boy. He was thirteen. He loved flowers, but most especially music. He loved music and his Mom would always sing for him.

His father built a garden for him, where he planted different flowers. His father was a great King. He loved his people so much.

But then, one night while celebrating King Nicklaus's birthday. Armed men entered the palace and shot the King and Queen right before him in the garden where he cherished the most.

He became Cruel, fill with rage. He has never smiled, neither has he laughed. People still wonder if he could ever change.

That's it, your Highness. Kali said and looked up...

My Princess, you're crying. She said and cleaned up her face.

That was so touching, Imagine the pain he goes through each night. Princess Lara said sniffing.

If that was his past,she should make sure his future is filled with happiness.

Thank you Kali. She said and got up.

I think we should head to the palace now. Princess Lara said walking away...


Beth was taking a stroll around the Palace when she sighed the Princess..

Time to introduce myself. She said and walked towards the Princess.

Your Highness. She said and bowed to Lara.

Who are you? Lara asked.

Am Beth, a friend to King Nicklaus.

Ohh, am Princess Lara. Lara said.

Nice to meet you Princess, I'll get going now. Beth said and walked away...

Princess Lara stood there staring at Beth, as she walked away. Something about her is off. She thought and proceeded to the King's Chambers...

*Somewhere in another kingdom*

Your Highness, you sent for me. Marcel knelt down to the King.

  Yes, cause I have a Job for you 

Three years ago, the Kingdom of Athopa invaded our land, killed our people and destroyed our infants.

It's time to pay back. King Leon said.

Your Highness, the kingdom of Athopa is mightly guided, we can't go against them. Marcel said lowering his gaze.

King Nicklaus never surrenders and we might get caught on the way, it's a deadly act to go to war with this people. He said again.

No... My informant said there has been peace in the Palace of Athopa. He said King Nicklaus has grown soft. King Leon said. 

   S..soft, No my King maybe this informant lied. It's a trap. Marcel said shaking.

He knows King Nicklaus, he can never be defeated. He will kill them all.

   We will match to Athopa and we will conquer. King Leon said and got up.

Summon the troop, call the armies. We will march to Athopa next week. The King said again...

Your wish is my command. Marcel said and stood up.

  This is a dead sentence. He thought.

* In the Kingdom of Athopa*

Lara walked in to the King's room, her eyes searched his face. 

He's handsome. She thought.

She wondered why she hasn't checked him out ever since, maybe her hatred for him covered his face.

Hey. She called softly.

Do you sleep at all Nicklaus, because all you do is read and write scrolls. She said and sat next to him.

I don't sleep, unless forced to do so. He said still writing his scrolls.

  But lately, ever since you showed up. Have been sleeping well without Nightmare. So I'll ask again Lara. What are you doing to me? He asked and met her gaze.

What do you think. She said grinning.

  Am just making sure, you lose your Sanity to me. Then your life. She teased and he scoffed.

You think you can kill me. He said staring at her.

Don't dare me Nicklaus, am crazy. She said again..

Silence came, the whole Palace was quiet. The Birds did their chirping, the trees rustle by the sides.

And then, she remembered the girl she met outside.

  Who is Beth? She asked and his face changed to a frown.

It's okay, if you don't wanna talk about her, I was just asking. She said and feigned a smile.

She was the girl, the Royal Court wanted me to marry. He said after a brief silence.

  Her throat dried, she never expected this answer. He looked up and stared at her.

Why didn't you marry? She found herself asking.

  Because, I didn't like her. She isn't fit to be a Queen. He said and she looked up.

So, do you like me? She asked.

   I loved you, ever since the day I met you. He groaned and her eye widened...

I don't understand. Which day was that? She asked her voice laced with curiosity.

The Masked Festival.....

T. B. C

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