Chapter 9-- HIS PEACE

Written by Evelyn Mba


The weather remained bright, giving colors to the beautiful flowers that stood on the way.

Making Lara smiled the more. What a day!!


She walked and stopped, glancing at the man by her side.

  His face masked with an unreadable expression, his two hands curled backward.

He just walked along not making a sound.

Kali, be careful there. Lara yelled as Kali ran and grabbed her hand.

Princess, if you keep walking this way. Am afraid we won't make it to the waterfall. Kali said and dragged Lara's hand.

Kali had forgotten, they weren't alone. The King was with them.

Kali, look back. Lara whispered to her maid.

  Oh my.. Kali gasped in dear, she forgot about the King.

He was with them, all this time.

He will surely punish her.

Slowly, she let go of Lara's hand, watching as the King got closer to them.

Why did we stop?

Aren't we headed to the waterfall? His voice came again.

Kali's heart almost pumped out.

For a minute, she was really afraid if walking.

Yes, My King we are headed to the waterfall. Kali said and smiled. The King is really changing.

If he wasn't, he would order the guards to whip her mercilessly. Or rather strip her if her title. No.. no.

Being the Queen's Personal Maid was all she could ever dream of.

She grinned from ear to ear, dragging Lara with her as they walked away.

The day is really amazing..... She thought.


The Royal Court assembled, and they assembled without the King.

Good afternoon Your Highness. A guard bowed as Beth walked in.

Thank you for coming Bethany, we are happy you made a decision.

  Being the Queen determines a lot. Are you sure you're ready to be the Queen? An Elderly asked.

She has been waiting for this moment, she would be Queen.  She knows this.

Yes, My Lord. I am more than ready. She said and smiled.

I will do anything to be Queen. She added.


Anything..... Anything at all. She said again.

Good, you're going to be the Queen of Athopa. The most respected of all clans. You should be happy.

This alone drove her to happiness, if the Court has crowned her Queen already, then who the heck is Lara? She wondered.

Thank you, I will never forget this. She said and bowed.

She is a Queen and will not stop till she gets her title.

That is Final...


We're here. Kali screamed and turned to her Princess.

Wow, Kali it's a great view. Lara said and smiled.

   Princess Lara turned to Nicklaus and smiled again.

How's the view? She asked.

It's... It's beautiful. He said and smiled back.

I told you so... She said and was about to turn when a firm hand grabbed her arm.

Pulling her closer to himself, he wrapped his hands around her.

And closed his eyes.

She was peace itself...

She was His Peace...

T. B. C

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