Chapter 07


Lilith takes me back to the same room and stops outside the door. Her back is facing me. She raises her fist and knocks on the door as I feel my heartbeat speeding up.

He is the King’s son. I was not wrong when I assumed that he is the man of power around here like Kane and Cassius and the third man with them.

What I don’t understand is why did Elias made me choose Wolf? What was the reason? This question is going to continue choking me until I get an answer from someone.

I gulp when Lilith opens the door and pushes me inside. I keep my head down as I stumble inside the room and she closes the door behind me.

“ Better than before. ” I hear him saying plainly.

Lifting my gaze, I steal a glance at him. Like before, he is covered in blood and he is still shirtless.

This time, the blood is not p

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Comments (3)
goodnovel comment avatar
Maybe Ellias want her to assassinate him once she get his trust! He he...
goodnovel comment avatar
He’s an asshole and so are the rest. Poor Violet.
goodnovel comment avatar
Choo Anna
Poor her...damn wolf...and tq for the update.

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