Alpha's Redemption chapter 120

Valen POV

We found Marcus when we located the car. He was furious and I couldn't get a coherent thought out of him, whatever he felt through the bond made him want blood. He was more crazed than any forsaken I had come across, it took 12 of my men and myself to take him down. We had to sedate him, which only caused fear to twist in my stomach.

We found Zoe's car down a ravine by the reserve. It was on its roof but no sign of the girls, yet tire tracks in the mud told us they were run off the road. We had the entire city out looking for them. None of us could locate them via the mindlink. Slasher pack was also out searching. John was beside himself and Everly was a frantic mess. In a matter of minutes our world's were turned upside down and Everly was convinced Nixon had come back and took them.

I had men out looking for Carter and he was located quickly. He gave us the all clear to search his pack. Two days they were missing for, it made no sense, until the first ransom call came in.

hey guys I know the last chapter was brutal hence the trigger warning but essential to plot. I promise that is the darkest chapter in the book, fear not all my books have a happy ending. which is also why I stayed up to write the next chapter despite needing to be up in 5 hours to run my son hours away to his next appointment. fear not Marcus and Zoe will be fine and Marcus gets his revenge for Zoe.

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Love the story, but why so much money??
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Geez that bloody Micah..Marcus beat his ass already and his father will be more disappointed
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Crystal Seeber
I pictured what happened to Zoe as described and I'm not ok right now. I'm not why do men think it's ok to rape. it's not ok.

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