Alpha's Redemption chapter 121

Everly POV

Macey rang me as soon as she got Zoe and I demanded Valen take me to the hospital to meet them. Macey also said to bring officer Derrick along with us, so we left the kids with Kalen and my father while we went off to meet them.

My anxiety was through the roof as we waited. We were sitting in the room with Marcus who was slowly coming out of sedation. Valen was trying to calm him down, because as soon as his eyes opened he was trying to climb out of bed.

My phone started ringing and I pulled it from my pocket and answered it to find it was Macey.

“I’m in a room a few doors down from Marcus. Hold off on letting Marcus see her for a second. And come here. He shouldn't see her like this,” she tells me and I glance at Valen who was trying to hold Marcus in place. Officer Derrick whips out his handcuffs the moment Valen tells him and cuffs him to the bed.

“Macey has asked me to go see Zoe. Are you right with him for a second?” I mindlinked Valen and he nodded looking at offic
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Tasha Couture
Jessica, PLEASE get the names straight in your book! It’s pretty important! You said “Casey mutters to herself as she lays down” when you meant Zoe…totally pulls me out of the moment! Especially when you’re mistakenly inserting a CHILDS name in a horrific scene! Get it straight! You do it constantly
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Why are we acting like plan B is an abortion? I’m confused. also abortion is health care. Women judging other women they don’t know is just gross
goodnovel comment avatar
You ruined it with 4 paragraphs of it’s her choice, nobody should make it for you, it’s her choice, no one blah blah. Proofreading is essential. I’m out!

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