Alpha's Redemption chapter 122


Carter had me moved, and I appeared to be in some basement. I had been asleep for a few hours or maybe days I was unsure when I heard the door open. The man I hadn't recognized in my dazed state came down the stairs. His scent was familiar, and I couldn't figure out why at first. He had a blue cap on his head and a handkerchief tied around his face like last time. Yet with my sense of smell and taste returning, my eyes widened when I recognized the scent. A scent I smelled around Amber. Micah!

He walked over to me, where I sat in the corner, my wrist handcuffed to a drainpipe. He produces a needle, stabbing it into my thigh, and I yank on my restraints and snarl at him when he turns and simply walks back toward the stairs.

My eyes began to blur, yet I fought to keep them open. "Micah!" I tried to call, but my voice was barely a murmur, yet it was enough to make him freeze on the bottom step, and his entire body tensed as he gripped the handrail. He turned slowly, and his eyes r
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Sylvia Wilson
...️...️ Love this book!!
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Jennifer McGowan
I've only spent 20$ I read only 2 chapters a day to get my points for opening more chapters.
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Jill Carroll Raber
he's still going thru physical therapy and can't shift. he doesn't even know what's going on yet..also I don't understand what you mean by he doesn't seem like himself did I miss something ...

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