Alpha's Redemption Chapter 124

Valen POV

My hands rubbed over Everly's huge bump. Relief flooded me as I finally got her home. She didn't want to leave Zoe, and I even had to get Doc Darnel in to tell her to go home. She was supposed to be on bed rest, but I knew she wouldn't rest at all until she saw with her own eyes that Zoe was alive. Everly had been quiet most of the trip and I knew she was worried about Ava. We had scoured the entire city, including the tunnels, but nothing.

"Any news yet?" Everly asked as I leaned down to kiss her belly. I shake my head, and she pushes my face away, trying to tug the shirt she was wearing down.

I growl at her, and she sighs, but I can tell she was too tired to argue with me. She hated her body. She believed she looked stretched out and ugly, but I loved the stretch marks marking her skin. I loved each one, loved that she was the vessel that currently carried thirty little fingers, thirty little toes, and three extra beating hearts. Hearts that were mine to protect and love
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Julia Dredge
Micah got what he deserved . Hope Carter and macey do also
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As much as I enjoyed reading this book I refuse to pay any more money! £34 I’ve paid and now they are requesting more. I would have gone on to read this authors other books, but not as this expense. I’m done.
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Hope they got useful info off him at least. No pity for Micah

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