Chapter 125

Everly POV

When Macey returned home, she brought dinner with her, and tucked inside her handbag was a folder of documents. She sets the Chinese containers on the bench, and I start pulling down some plates and start serving, only to be scolded by Kalen.

"Everly, you're supposed to be in bed. Do you not know what bedrest is?" he says, clicking his tongue.

"I have sat in bed all afternoon, Kal. I am fine," he shakes his head, helping me to serve the kids dinner who were perched in their chairs around the table. Zoe was getting released from the hospital the next day. She rang earlier, and thankfully the nurse had given her some makeup, so she didn't freak Casey out. My father was waiting with her until Marcus returned, but I wasn't willing to tell her where it was Marcus went and why. Though I think she knew because there was only one reason that would make Marcus leave her side, and that was revenge.

"You okay?" I ask Macey, touching her arm, but she pulls away from me, smiling the fa
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Fidelina Marchena de Peña
Remember that Macey it’s not in a pack she is a rogue and carters it’s a son of an Alpha meaning he is stronger than Macey she has not title yet.
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Yeah I got a partial hysterectomy and I don’t have a period. There is no uterus to ckean...‍♀️
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Eula Smiley
What will she do when she finds Carter will she mates with him

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