Chapter 126

Carter POV

The bastard was cocky, and it was pissing me off that he thought he was calling the shots. I watched as John's Beta slinked around his office as we reviewed the plans. Little did he know they were changing. "I'm changing the plans," I tell him.

He rocks back on his heels as he passes me my drink, where I sit in the armchair.

"Excuse me?"

"Are you hard of hearing, Beta? I said I am changing the plans,"

"We can't. It's too late. I already have everything set in motion," Clarke says, and I raise an eyebrow at his words. I watch him over my glass as I take a sip of the cheap whiskey.

"Plans change Beta. You'll heed to my demands, and you will comply and still get your revenge. If not, you will find yourself disposable," I tell him, watching as the twit swallows. I would have thought John's Beta would have been more loyal. Turns out he was a snake, just like his daughter. Jumped at the opportunity when my father offered to take down John. His price is the pack, and he could h
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Comments (16)
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Jennifer McGowan
She left Micha it was stated in a chapter she marked someone else after leaving him and let the other guy mark her.
goodnovel comment avatar
Missy Morgan
Wait I thought Amber (John's Beta's daughter) was Micah's mate. So now she is mates with some dude named Porter? I'm confused
goodnovel comment avatar
Yesenia Mir
She left him and marked a new one. Says it a couple of chapters before.

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