Chapter 131

Deacon shifts uncomfortably on the spot, looking at Clarke while the other council members glance at Deacon, making me wonder if Deacon was only doing this as a favor to his brother, whom we were now aware was a traitor.

"We found evidence at John's packhouse," Deacon declares and I laughed because it even sounded ridiculous.

"Before or after the forsaken attack? Or during?" I ask Deacon, but he says nothing. When I see Clark step forward and John growls and snarls from where he was pinned before hearing the sound of screeching tires across the intersection. Glancing over, I see Slasher Pack's Alpha climb out of the car. Alpha Daxon and I were on good terms.

However, he didn't have the best relationship with my father, seeing as reportedly my father killed his son Preston. Yet Preston himself didn't have a stellar relationship with his own father, who had threatened to remove his title for misdoings and the attention he constantly got from the media. Yet Alpha Daxon was a good Alpha
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Not sure I can continue. I’ve gotten as much as I can. Unless I use points from checking in I’m done too much money.
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Jonnette LeComte Bell
Yeah screw this book I’ve already paid way more than you would for the hard back book !!! RIP OFF !!
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Angel Blackwell
I read some of fated to the alpha and seams a lot of this story was on it to if I am correct. I stopped reading it and didnt finish seams like I am going to have to this one also. you tell a good story but to many edit problems and I am sorry to say only on my opinion your love scenes need work

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