Chapter 132

Macey POV

I awoke to fingertips brushing up and down my arm. The chill in the air made me inhale deeply as tingles spread up my arm where his fingertips caressed. I pretended to remain asleep when the vibration of a phone ringing beside my head buzzed and vibrated against the wooden cupboard it was sitting on.

My mate growls, and where I have been laid dips so I know I was on a bed, the jostling movement as he climbed off made that evident, my eyes flutter open, and I squint, remembering to remain calm and keep my heart rate down as I tried to take in my surroundings.

Brown wall paneling covered the walls and was the first thing I noticed in the dimly lit room. The old-fashioned lamp with a floral shade made little light in the room and the smell of burning wood reached my nose, it smelt a little damp making the scent a little too strong, reminded me of pine needles, the crackling sound reaching my ears at the same time his voice did.

"What is it, father?" Carter asks. At least I kne
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Comments (14)
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Mary Quackenbush
Carter has No redeeming qualities even if he does lol
goodnovel comment avatar
Tris Mae
i kinda like it
goodnovel comment avatar
Rebecca Duke
this chapter felt track. tell us about the babies

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