Chapter 133


I had been waiting with Marcus at Everly's place for hours since Marcus brought me here after getting the kids from school, yet Macey still hadn't returned home and I was beginning to worry, she hated leaving me alone and always stuck to her times, one thing about Macey was she was never tardy and her not being here when she said she would be only added to my anxiety.

Marcus pecks my temple as he passes me where I was cutting up vegetables. We were making the kids dinner when Taylor came over, looking out of place without her mother. I felt out place without her or Everly here.

"Can you try mum again?" she asks, pulling a stool from the counter and climbing up on it. I glanced at Marcus, who chewed his lip before I smile and nod to her. “Of course, sweety,” I tell her, about to retrieve my phone when Marcus slides his to me.

"Have you notified Valen?" I mind linked him, and I see him nod out of the corner of my eyes as I dial her number.

"Any word from Kalen?" I asked him via
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Mary Quackenbush
I am so happy John got Ava home, now they need to bring Macey home. I just love Casey called Marcus dad.
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Reace Lane
I love this book and can't wait to see how it end
goodnovel comment avatar
Holly Sterling
I am disappointed with how much this book costs

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