Chapter 134

John POV

"Where are we going?" Marcus asks me, and I glance over at him as I pull out of the garage and onto the street. We were going to meet Kalen outside the city.

"To meet up with Kalen," I tell Marcus.

"I just don't get why Carter would take Macey. We should be telling Valen. He will find out, and he won't be happy we kept this from him," Marcus tells me, and I chewed the inside of my lip.

Everly had enough on her plate, and I didn't want to ruin what would should be a joyous moment for her and Valen with this news. Kalen believed the same thing and didn't want to taint the day even more for them at this time. We could handle this, assuming Kalen was able to pick up her location. That was the concerning part. We had lost her, and her phone was switched off, so we couldn't even track it with the cell towers.

"John, either you tell me what is going on, or I am contacting Valen," Marcus snarls at me, and I turn the radio down as we leave the city limits.

"Carter is Macey's mate. Sh
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Reace Lane
best book to read on long trips
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I agree with Back. Love the book, don’t like how much it costs.
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This app is such a sickening rip off! After this book that is putting me in debt is over, I am erasing the app, leaving honest reviews, and telling everyone I know to steer clear.

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