Chapter 142


Hours Later

All night I panicked, and I felt useless, sick with worry and guilt that I was just sitting here waiting for them to return. I would have just got in the way or become a constant worry for Valen. Sometimes, you need to sit back and allow someone else to take over.

But for me, that was easier said than done. However, Valen had proven to me that he could be relied on. Even when we didn't see eye to eye, he still showed up and still kept his promises.

And this time was no different. Valen said he would bring Macey home, and he did. Earlier in the night, not long after Valen left, Zoe couldn't bear being home alone. Ava felt unsafe at home with just Zoe, or maybe it was her guilt about what happened to Zoe that she struggled to be alone with her. I didn't know; I was just relieved to have them here.

So my room in the maternity ward had turned into a drop-in center. We sought comfort from each other's presence. Zoe had some of the warriors bring in blow-up mattresses
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Sandra Brewer
This book reminds me of how I was when I had my son my family didn’t want nothing to do with me I was 17 and I had to make things happen until I found my one true love and I wouldn’t change that now we been living life to the fullest so don’t let people drag you down in the dirt 
goodnovel comment avatar
At least Valerie and Claire!!!
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Sabrina Lesure
Awesome ... relationship these ladies have.

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