Chapter 147

Everly POV

Another Four weeks later.

"Keep your eyes closed," Valen said as I walked blindly with my hands out in front of me when I heard Macey and Zoe's voices.

"Is that Zoe and Macey?" I gasped, trying to lift Valen's blindfold over my eyes. He slaps my hand away, and I reach out blindly before slapping someone.

"Ouch! That you Everly?" Macey asks. Valen blindfolded me before we left and refused to tell me where he was taking me.

"Oops, sorry," I tell her. "Wait, are you blindfolded too?" I ask her.

"Yeah, and Tatum sucks with directions. I tripped over the gutter back there," Macey growls. "My bloody knee is killing," she growls.

"Kids slow down and away from the paint; it's still wet!" Marcus screeches just as the sound of their voices reach my ears. A hand grips my arm.

"Glad I'm not the only blind one around. I was becoming paranoid he walking me off a cliff," Zoe says, and I know it, her hand on my arm. It slides down to grip my hand and gives me a squeeze just as my hand
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Comments (101)
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Mary Quackenbush
Delightful chapter!
goodnovel comment avatar
dulce rodriguez
I know the book is finished but I hope the next chapters has a brand new baby for Macey and Tatum too. like a miracle thanks to her ex mates alpha blood or something.
goodnovel comment avatar
Carrie Graff
damn dust lol

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