Chapter 148


4 months later

It was scorching hot today, and Macey, Ava, Zoe, and I had just left from the final dress fitting. It wasn’t my dress that needed altering, but Zoe’s this time. Her growing baby bump was getting bigger every day.

“I just need to grab bread and milk. I don’t feel like stopping after getting Valarian from school,” I tell the girls as we step out of the bridal store.

“I’ll come; I need to grab a few things too,” Macey says, slipping her sunglasses on. Zoe pulled the sunshade over the stroller, and we walked the short distance to the shopping center. It was easier to walk than wrangle all three girls in the car and the stroller.

Walking into the shops, I sigh as the cold air conditioning sweeps over us. We walk through the shopping center when Macey shrieks, making us all nearly jump out of our skin when she takes off toward a store.

“Man, this baby has more clothes than I do at this point,” Zoe whines as Macey bounces on her heels, holding up a blue Winnie The
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Andrea Melissa Townsend
Anyone knows where I can read Ava’s story?? I need more after to read after this one ending..
goodnovel comment avatar
Tanyia Gunther
Really loved this book but not overly happy I had to spend $70 just to read it
goodnovel comment avatar
I’m soooooo disappointed that I’m at the end! I loved every single thing about this book! It gave me all the feels! Can’t wait for the next one!

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