Chapter 7

I didn't know what time it was when the door opened again, but I cringed when it did. Fear coursed through me, making my eyes dart to it. Worried, Darius has returned to inflict more injury on me. My leg needed to be set back into place, and I needed a doctor. Without my mates, I have no way of fixing it myself with one hand, and I doubt I could, anyway. My pain threshold wasn't the best.

Relief floods me when I realize it isn't him. It was my usual morning visitor. He walks in, and I watch him as he tosses the water bottle through the bars. It falls at my feet and bumps my foot. I didn't even feel it, and I wasn't sure if that was a good thing because I wasn't in pain or a bad thing.

"Aleera, please just-" He stops, his eyes going to the odd angle of my leg and my blood that has frozen on the floor beneath it. His eyes moved to mine

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Patricia Allen
so far it has been good it has kept my interest
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Roni Astle
I don’t understand this story?
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Bloom Dawn
i hope she don't easily forgive them............

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