Chapter 8

Darius POV

Tobias’s fist connected with her jaw. It happened so quickly I barely caught the movement until she started to fall. Tobias hesitated to catch her like he would let her hit the marble floors, but he moved at the last second, catching her limp body.

Lycus storms out of the dungeons, looking extremely pissed off, and his shirt is coated in blood. Kalen was at his side in an instant, fussing over him. Lycus’s shirt is saturated in blood, his nose bleeding, and Tobias turns, noticing my gaze is directed over his shoulder. Lycus smacks Kalen’s fussing hands away as he storms over to us.

“Fucking bitch stole some of my power and hit me with it,” He growls, rubbing the back of his head with his hand.


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Tanya Watson
Why is it that she is in tye wrong but yet Darius was the one to kill her family off and expect her to be like hey you killed my family but i will stay... like hell no she did the right thing to run
goodnovel comment avatar
This doesn't feel like Jessica Hall's writing. It feels mixed with another author I can't put my finger on
goodnovel comment avatar
Always the same thing with many stories like this, lack of communication is the keystone to all the issues. And unfortunately it usually goes on for like 50 chapters or more! Ugh

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