Chapter 9

Aleera POV

My head throbbed, and the back of my eyes ached but not nearly as much as my jaw does. I groaned, forcing my eyes open when I realized I wasn't on the hard concrete floor of the dungeon. No, I felt warmer and comfortable. I blink, trying to clear the blurriness of my vision to find a man sitting next to me, and I am in a bedroom on a bed.

The man stared like he was looking through me as I jerked upright and pulled away from him. He had blonde hair that looked like he had just run his fingers through it only moments before. His blue eyes were the lightest shade I had ever seen, almost so pale they were almost white. If it weren't for my enhanced eyesight, I would have assumed they were until he blinked. The color returned to them. I wondered where his mind went as the color returned, and his eyes were now a startling cerulean blue.


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Yollanda Myah
l am confused right now....
goodnovel comment avatar
Yollanda Myah
what are those 3 markings,are the guys mates too??
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Jennifer Walker
huh? interesting

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